3 common things that were originally invented for other purposes

Many things are just like people: they have a history, interesting touches and even secrets. And we do not attach importance to something or do not notice it, but we do not use something as originally intended.

Holes in earphones EarPods

The holes in the headphone housing have an important mission - they allow air to pass inside the speaker, which increases the pressure at low frequencies. If you (like us) do not understand all these words, it's intrepid. The main thing that you should know is that the bass sounds deeper and the sound in principle becomes better. We need this.


Many already know that in fact, a long time ago, heels were worn by men, and not by women. But few people know that they did it not because of fashion. The first "testers" of heels were officers: the heel was well attached to the stirrups when riding. And then the fashion passed from the military sphere to secular.

Curved aircraft wings

Such endings have a special name - winglets. And they are not needed at all for aesthetics, as many of us think. When the plane moves, it creates a small tornado due to the pressure difference between the upper and lower wing parts. Such phenomena can be dangerous both for the aircraft that forms the funnel, and for the next aircraft. Winglets also reduce the formation of such mini-tornadoes. 


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