How to Succeed in TOEFL?

Recently, the number of young people interested in TOEFL and studying abroad has increased. The higher TOEFL score that measures the level of English Language is, the more opportunities students get to gain admission and scholarship when applying to universities abroad. Here are some tips for students planning to take TOEFL exams:

Basic level: In order to start TOEFL preparation, it is essential to have at least Intermediate level of English. Of course, if your goal is to gain score 95-100, you need to work harder. The stronger the basics of English language knowledge you have, the better score you can attain within a short period of time. For instance, those who start from Advanced level are easily able to gain the score over 100 by having systematic training during 3 consecutive months.  

Tutor: If you have difficulty with individual preparation at an initial stage, it is certainly recommended to get a tutor. Remember that TOEFL does not only measure your language knowledge, it also tests your skills. For that, first you definitely need to know some tips of exam taking techniques.

Duration: Rehearsal time is utterly important. It is possible to get higher score by having systematic training within 3-4 months. In fact, the consideration of your daily time consumption is very important. During a day you should dedicate 3-4 hours of your time to training.

Literature: It is very important to know what book to start with and which sequential order to follow.  Highly recommended books are: Delta, Barrons, Longman, Kaplan, Cambridge, Princetown Crack TOEFL IBT, Official TOEFL IBT.

Delta: The best book for a quick start and getting adapted to TOEFL. Particularly, if the vocabulary in other books seem difficult to you and texts look complicated, start preparing with DELTA. This book is just perfect for capacity building. If you have a good knowledge of English language, you can quickly finish this book and shift to others.

Barron’s: there are a bit longer but easier readings in Barron’s. In comparison with Delta, there are a lot of difficult words in texts. Listening tasks in Barron’s book are speedy and quite a lot in number. If you intend to get good results in TOEFL listening part, “develop a good ear” with Barron’s listening tests.

Longman: Listening part is very comprehensible in this book, but tricky test questions in Longman practice ensure that you do not have any problems with listening during a real exam. Listening tasks are comprehensible. Readings are highly recommended.

Kaplan: Reading part is relatively difficult. It is advisable to use this book as a test guide, particularly, before entering the exam.

Cambridge: The best TOEFL preparation book on all four sections. Speaking section and patterns are just perfect. This test book comes with 7 tests in CD. It is recommended to look through this book at least two weeks prior to exams and complete all the tests. For instance, the practical test scores in this book are closer to the scores gained in a real exam.

Prince town Crack TOEFL IBT - is recommended to be used as a supplementary test book. You will learn some techniques and strategy.

ETS Official TOEFL IBT:  If you complete all practical tests within the latest 3 days, it will help you a lot with speaking and writing sections in the exam.

The required skills: TOEFL does not fully measure your English language command, here it rather reveals out your certain skills.

Reading - it is necessary to connect sentences with one another in a logical order for getting and summarizing the main idea. Here, we need a little bit logic. For instance, even if you do not know the synonyms, you can easily find answers to these questions with a bit of general English knowledge.

Listening – Practice makes perfect! From sounding of the text you can define which question type you will come across. For this, you need to do a large number of "listening" tests and define the types of questions carefully.

Speaking- You need to read more essays and talk around these topics. You had better prepare some short templates for yourself. Depending on the questions in the exam, these templates will enable you to manipulate in a better way. The best method is to read a lot of "reading" tests and be slightly aware of global issues.

Writing - There are two good books for independent writing section: “185 TOEFL writing topics”. If you have difficulties in finding new ideas, then read all topics. It will also help you to improve your speaking.  

For integrated section go for the ETS official Guide to IBT and “Cambridge”!!! In general, writing is the easiest section of TOEFL. With two week preparation you can easily get 26-27 scores.

Communicate with experienced examinees: Talk to people with a good TOEFL experience as much as possible, find out more about their experience or work together with them. You will feel the difference in a real exam.

Externalities: Externalities are possible to influence in the exams. Therefore, you need to be psychologically ready for that. Otherwise, you might fail your exam. The best preparation is to stay POSITIVE, SMILE and believe that everything will be fine!


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