5 famous logos that you saw a hundred times. Would you know how they were created!

At the cinema or at home, you start watching the movie every time with a screen saver that shows the logo of the studio. Few thought about the significance of logos, and in fact they often have very interesting creation stories. 


1. DreamWorks Pictures

Originally, it was assumed that the logo of DreamWorks will depict a man who is fishing, sitting on the moon. Draw it instructed Robert Hunt. In addition to the main version, the artist provided a version with the child, which, as a result, was approved.

By the way, the image of the boy Hunt drew from his son William, who later became a composer and works in the music industry.


2. Columbia Pictures

A woman holding a burning torch became the Columbia Pictures logo in 1924. It is interesting that this figure did not have one specific prototype, the image was collective.

The latest version, dated 1992, is based on the image of an ordinary American housewife Jenny Joseph, although her facial features have been significantly altered for the final version of the logo.

3. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The idea of the MGM logo appeared in Howard Dietz in 1924. In his alma mater, Columbia University, there was a sports team called "Lions".

Since then MGM has presented on its logo five different lions. They were Slats, Jackie, Tanner, George and Leo. Leo is their current star.


4. Paramount Pictures

For the Paramount logo, artist William Hodgkinson drew a mountain very similar to Mount Ben Lomond in Utah, where he grew up.

In the original version, made in 1914, there were 24 stars: it was the number of actors who signed contracts with the studio. However, in the modern version only 22 stars, and no one knows why.


5. Warner Brothers

This logo looks quite simple: it shows a shield with the initials of the founders of the company (the Warner brothers). Nevertheless, this is not their real name.

The parents of the owners of the studio were immigrants from the Russian Empire, and their real name was Vonskolaser.



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