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Elchin Askerov: “Do not try to think like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and repeat their steps.”
Elchin Askerov

“Do not try to think like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and repeat their steps.”

Jabir Imanov: Money does not solve everything ...
Jabir Imanov

"If you stay away for a long time, you cannot reach to the success, because time is fleeting"

Presidential scholar at BHOS: My biggest dream is to become a famous engineer
Mustafa Aghayev

"My dearest dream is to become a prominent Azerbaijani engineer and be of service to my country and my family."

"Remove and throw away the black stuff"
Milena Nabiyeva

"We put a piece of themselves in each of our product."

“I cant forget my loss to my sister”
Shakhriyar Mamedyarov

"People are changeable too, so perhaps they act like the queen"

ATL Info Tech: Our team - this is what distinguishes us from other
Vurgun Hajiyev

"We are always with talented youth."

It is possible to change just needs determination, desire and patience
Rufat Abbasov

"I had to see and feel the results of my work. "

Javid Mammadov: "The goal is to establish the tradition of creating local production."
Javid Mammadov

“Our goal is to develop local manufacturing tradition by creating new devices.”

Vahid Mursaliyev: We will try our best so that customers feel happy with us
Vahid Mursaliyev

“If a person has a goal, a will and an ability to fight for a purpose, God will bless him”.

Mark Knight: “Baku’s clubbers are incredibly active and well up on good quality music”
Mark Knight

"People like to move about and dance whatever their ethnic origin or religion."

"Learning is not only fashionable, but also vital"
Murad Dadashov

"It is necessary to improve education and promote the fact that learning today is not only fashionable, but also vital."

Ramil Babayev (Shoshu): “I ran away from home at age 13…”
Ramil Babayev

"Where there is no failure, there is no success."

Narmin Rahimli: "Success - is a little achievement on the way to succeed a big goal"
Narmin Rahimli

"If your education does not benefit anyone, it's just a waste of time."

Tabriz Ammayev: It is not necessary to study abroad
Tabriz Ammayev

"Success is a joy at the end of the work started."

Leyla Abbasova: We should deepen our experience parallel with proper education
Leyla Abbasova

"It is possible to achieve success through your diligence, the will and determination."

Turaj Teyyubgizi: "The idea of creating an audio book has always attracted me"
Turaj Teyyubgizi

"Internet does not distract us from reading, on the contrary, it takes us to Gutenberg times."

Bahruz Babayev: to study in England is not easy
Bahruz Babayev

"I believe that people who want to succeed, do not have to live in the past"

Tural Bedirkhanli: ‘’I have always considered money as a resource for freedom’’.
Tural Bedirkhanli

"We created favorable conditions for this people to earn money"


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